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Nasty Heroes and Persistent Pals

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you've found yourself here, then you more than likely have listened to a podcast, follow us on social media, or have attended one of our events, so we are already super grateful for your support and generosity.

Going forward into 2023 we intend to use our Ko-Fi platform in a more active way to generate donations and support for the work we do, and give back to you, our community, without which, well, there's nae point! It's all about you, babes.

With that in mind, we've introduced membership tiers to allow those of you who are in a position to be able to support us regularly to do exactly that. Our membership tiers - Persistent Pal (£5 per month) and Nasty Hero (£10 per month) are a way to provide us with a bit of security and the means to be more consistent in the way we deliver our various strands of activity; podcasts, coffee mornings, advocacy work and script readings.

Becoming a member of our community in this way is, in fact, the difference between us being able to continue with what we do at the moment, and the way we do it, and not. That's the truth. And that, quite frankly, kind of knocks our socks off. The gratitude is real.

We want to make sure you make an informed decision before you commit to becoming a Persistent Pal or Nasty Hero. Rest assured you will be loved and cared for, but read on and find out more about what Persistent and Nasty is, the goals and what being a member will mean.

All that is left is to say thank you and we love you. Remember to #StayNasty and we will see you soon -

Elaine and Louise x

What is Persistent and Nasty?

Persistent and Nasty is a podcast series and creative activism initiative for women and other marginalised voices in the stage and screen industries. We are a collective endeavour that is informed by the community we serve. We engage in advocacy work with the Scottish arts and culture sector. Our focus is on achieving better representation, promote safety and wellbeing in our industry, and to affect positive and long lasting change in working practises in theatre and film.

We are committed to an intersectional approach - ALL women and non-binary people are welcome in our spaces - and aim to use the platform we’ve created to amplify unrepresented voices in the arts and create opportunities for our community to network and collaborate. Our goal is to create a project that is fun, safe and supportive, but is also an act of protest. Persistent and Nasty is about changing the cultural narrative through the stories we tell.

We run monthly coffee mornings at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow that serve as a community hub and a place for all women and non-binary people working the arts in Scotland to network, reflect on challenges and find avenues for advice and support.

Our podcast has been running consistently now since 2019 and has featured guests from across the stage and screen industries - all women and non-binary voices - that include writers, directors, producers, actors, casting directors, designers, and more. We record, produce and edit the podcast completely by ourselves with no sponsors or support. The podcast has listnership across 50 countries world wide and averages about 3000 - 6000 plays per month. We achieved this with through scraps of marketing on social media that we do in our own time.

Why should you become a member and support us?

We have the best time making our podcast and running our events. The response since we began, at the beginning of 2018, has been amazing and the community that has built up around Persistent and Nasty is supportive, generous, engaged and hungry for change. It makes us feel incredibly lucky and humble. However, as rewarding as producing all things Nasty is, it's also pretty draining. Everything we do takes up oodles of time and resource. We spend many, many hours every month on administration, marketing, preparation, scheduling, recording and editing

There are also a number of expenses related to the project: the monthly subscription fee for the podcast platform, podcast distribution, recording equipment and software, operational costs for our events, and any number of other incidentals. Becoming a member helps offset those costs.

We also don't currently have our own website - which is mad and a little frustrating. We can't afford that right now, so becoming a member or making a donation by buying us a coffee, will help us achieve that goal.

Being a member in this way will also mean we can restart our script reading events, which have been on hiatus since before the pandemic. We don't currently have the resource to get these going again, but we found them to be a vital part of what our community is looking for.

One of the most important things to us - and what we believe is at the heart of the Persistent and Nasty initiative - is community. Using Ko-Fi as a fundraising platform provides us with an opportunity to connect and communicate directly with the people interested in what we are doing. It allows us a chance to have more freedom and autonomy in terms of what we do, how we do it, and who we are doing it for. It puts us in the position of answering directly to the people that engage with the project. You support us, we give back in a multitude of ways. You have a voice. A stake. Becoming a member gives us a space to share all of our content in combination with extras and bonus material for our incredible supporters.

What does being a Persistent Pal or Nasty Hero mean?

Quite simply, being a Pal or a Hero means you are contributing to the ongoing existence of Persistent and Nasty. We are, literally, nothing without you...[cue the epic power ballad we will write in your honor*]

As a member you'll have access to a range of perks and rewards as we develop what we can offer. Depending on the tier of support you choose, you will have access to rewards that include;

  • Receive the newest podcast episodes before anyone else;

  • Access to exclusive podcast content only available to our members;

  • Invited to join our private online groups (coming in 2023) - a safe space for discussion, celebration and frustration;

  • Free access to our Persistent and Nasty live events (outside of the coffee mornings, which are already free);

  • Advance notice of casting and writer opportunities when we restart our script reading events (another thing we can't really do without your support);

  • Access to perks and offers as we add to our portfolio throughout the year (this could include things like future merchandise, one-off events at the Edinburgh Fringe and networking sessions);

*Epic power ballad written in your honor not guaranteed

“It’s about the bigger picture, the bigger conversation and how we move forward, not just in our industry but socially, and in our culture” – The Skinny

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