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Creative Scotland Multi Year Funding Experiences and Impact

Hello there 

My name is Sandy Thomson and I'm Artistic Director of Poorboy Theatre and an advisor to the arts sector in Scotland through the Creative Entrepreneurs Club. Through both of these roles I've spent the last few months advising a range of organisations during their engagement with the new Creative Scotland MYF application process.

As a result I've created a questionnaire. Its purpose is to gather information on individual and organisational experiences, and the impact of the Creative Scotland MYF application process across the arts sector. I'm aware that asking organisations who have just undertaken a really sizeable application process to fill out yet another form is far from ideal and I'm sorry there's not a more humane way to do this. However I do think we have a unique opportunity right now to capture information on the realities of this process in some detail and use it to inform conversations going forward. .

The questionnaire is anonymous and there's only one mandatory question. I’m looking to gather only the information that people are comfortable sharing. All information will be handled, stored and disseminated to business coaching industry standards of confidentiality and your email address will not be automatically collected.

I'm aiming to close the form on the morning of Thursday 16th May. 

Here's the link to the questionnaire:

The questionnaire has space for specific information from any of the following:

1. organisations who applied to MYF

2. organisations who considered applying but decided against it or who didn't complete their application

3. freelance workers who were impacted by the requirements of the MYF funding application process on organisations in their professional landscape 

It would be fantastic if you could provide some information on your organisation's experiences of this process and/or could forward  the questionnaire link to any organisations or individuals in your circle that might have relevant feedback to share. I'm very keen to gather information from across the art sector in Scotland. 

As your organisation sits in the advocacy, sector representative, networking and/or membership organisation in the arts sector I would very much appreciate it if you could share the link to the questionnaire on your social media or directly to relevant members.

The cumulative information that is gathered and key, anonymised quotes from feedback will be made available on request to any organisation or individual in the sector and the intention is to provide the broad findings of the questionnaire to Creative Scotland and to the sector via key individuals and sector organisations like unions or geographic/discipline specific organisations to encourage public, sector and discipline specific discussions on the MYF process.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about this questionnaire and for any input and distribution you decide to provide.

If you've any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me

Sandy Thomson 

Artistic Director





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