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Support Persistent and Nasty

Welcome Comrades. Plans to change the world are ongoing at Persistent and Nasty HQ, but revolutions ain’t cheap.


We’ve been a bit shy in the past about asking for support, but in the current climate and with our ongoing advocacy work, we are struggling a teeny bit to keep our collective heads above water.


We’ve decided to channel some of that potent audacity usually reserved for the mediocre straight white male and let you know how you can support us.


If you listen to the #podcast, attend our events (live or digital) or appreciate our general persistence in fighting the patriarchy, we’d be overjoyed and endlessly grateful if you could donate a few pennies to the cause via our Ko-Fi page.

The price of a cup of coffee, glass of wine or what you’ll spend on online shopping next time you’re tipsy and bored, could go a long way in helping us continue our work.

And, if you are in a position to, you can become a regular subscriber via our Persistent Pal and Nasty Hero membership tiers. You can find out more about how those work in our blog.

We know it’s a difficult time for us all, so if you can’t spare a couple of quid, that’s OK. You can spread the word and share the link to our podcast and help us to build our audience.

Thank you

We are humbled by and grateful to the following amazing supporters...

Kate Dickie, Caitlin Skinner, Joanne Thomson, Catriona McLeod, Natasha Jenkins, Fergus Johnn McCann, Éimi Quinn, Kirsty Miller, Kim Chapman, Lisa Sangster, Giga Gray, Annabel Logan.

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